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From The Grill

Served with rice or salad (garlic sauce free upon request)

Chicken Dark Kabob $16

Chicken Breast Kabob $16

Grilled Salmon  $22     

served with Lima bean dill rice

Idaho Trout Fish  $24

(pan fried or grilled)

served withLima bean dill rice  

Rack of Lamb 5pcs $45    

Rack of Lamb 3pcs $27     

branzino shekarchi restaruant bar and grille down town los angeles

Branzino Half Fish $34

(pan fried or Grilled)

served with Lima bean dill rice

Falafel Plate $15

(3 falafel w/tahini, rice, grilled veggies, salad, garlic sauce & hummus)  

Ground Sirloin I Skewer $15

Ground Sirloin 2 Skewer $22

Filet Mignon Kabob 8oz $24     

Soltani  $32

(Filet Mignon & Koobideh)

Chicken & Ground Sirloin $24

(choice of breast and dark chicken)

Gheymeh Bademjan Stew  $19

(tomato sauce, yellow peas, beef served w/rice and sautéed eggplant)

Ghormeh Sabzi Stew $19

(cilantro, green onion, parsley, kidney beans, beef served w/rice)

Celery & Artichoke Stew  $16

Served with basmati rice (vegetarian)


Barberry Rice $4
Cherry Rice $4
Dill Rice $4

Half Rice / Half Salad $4

Add Salmon $14

Add Chicken Skewer $12
(white or dark)
Add Koobideh Skewer $8

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